Oil Tank Security

Maskell Heating Services - Oil Tank SecurityAre you aware that you have more than £1,000 cash in your garden – or the equivalent? Oil prices have risen, therefore oil theft is a challenge facing many owners of storage tanks.

Vandalism by careless thieves is expensive in more ways than one, with serious fines levied by the Environmental Agency should there be damage to the local area through oil leaks.

The theft of oil tanks themselves is also on the rise, especially in more rural parts of the country. Securing your oil tank is the only way to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this unpleasant crime. Maskell Heating Services takes your oil tank security seriously, offering the following, alongside our industry expertise and advice:

Watchman Products – Sleek, Innovative, Safe

The Watchman Sonic Alarm enables you to keep an eye on the level of fuel in your oil storage tank without venturing outside in the dark. This easy to fit device wirelessly transmits information to an indoors receiver, which can plug into any 13 amp socket.

Should the level of oil reach a critical level, either through theft or every day use, you’ll be alerted immediately.

The Watchman Anywhere device takes monitoring your oil levels to a new level. A new generation product that defines convenience and usability. Through state of the art ultrasonic pulses, you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s happening in your oil tank anywhere, at any time of the day via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Oil Tank Locking caps

Protect your oil tank with our range of Titan Tank Arm locking devices. Perfect for both single skin and bunded oil tanks, these easy to install devices can be fitted in minutes, preventing access to multiple extraction points on your oil tank.

Metal cages

An investment to last for many years, a metal grill or case with a lockable access point can enhance security and give you peace of mind. Your storage tank is encased by sheet metal, with its panels being secured to the floor or concrete base of the oil tank plinth. Your Watchman device is also enclosed within the cage, offering further security and peace of mind.

Security for your oil tank is vital so you should ask the experts. Contact us today to find out more