Why Do I Need to Have My Oil Tank Replaced?

You can’t afford not to. Oil is highly toxic to plants and animals. Regulations breaches as set down by the Environmental Agency and OFTEC are quite frankly, punitive. If you lose oil from a tank that’s old, rusty or damaged, you’ve potentially got a contaminated land problem. The oil could get into a watercourse, too and in both cases you could be fined thousands of pounds. And, did you know that you would be responsible for putting the damage right? It’s just not worth the risk.

How Quickly Can you Replace my Tank?

We aim to replace your oil tank within 24 hours but we’ll pull out all the stops if it’s an emergency.

Do You Only Provide Oil Tanks?

Yes. We focus on providing one type of product (although there are several different types to suit your needs and budget) to an extremely high standard. There is almost nothing that we’ve not seen nor any oil tank related issue that we’ve not managed to solve, without damage to the surrounding environment or compromise to our customers. Your peace of mind and the knowledge that we don’t cut corners is important to us.

Do You Provide Maintenance Services?

Yes, we do. OFTEC recommends yearly checks, therefore we offer Silver and Gold Maintenance Services to keep your oil tank in top condition. Read more about our domestic oil tank maintenance services.

Is it Expensive?

Ensuring that the installation is carried out correctly, following industry regulations to the letter is vital to your safety and that of the environment.

A replacement oil storage tank from Maskell Heating Services is not a cheap and cheerful option. We know that you’d rather spend the money on a holiday, for example! However, our reputation stands before us and has done so for nearly 30 years. When it comes to robust, safe oil storage, our philosophy is that If you buy cheap you will almost certainly be paying twice.

If you have any more questions, we’d be delighted to help you.